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The Game Of Life

Welcome player.

Stars slowly burn around the galaxy, planets whirl in orbits around them, and much more traverses the darkness of space in between. Amongst this theatre in the stars is humanity, and more specifically, is you. You are on a lonely, irregularly shaped ellipsoid that has molten lava churning beneath you, mountains towering above you, and water swirling around you. If the universe is an open world RPG, you are still on tutorial island.

For most other players, the primal emotion they feel when confronted with the world is cosmic horror. A deep existential fear that sets in upon realizing their position within the universe. Society generates many more fears within them in due time. Fear of judgement from others, fear of being destitute, and the fear of failure in whatever they do. Yes, each of these fears can be paralyzing but these are inconsequential in the face of dying having led an insignificant life. Do you possess this fear?

If you do, then the fear of not confronting the horror of the universe makes you tremble. The fear of not venturing outside the Platonic cave makes you quiver. The fear of not rebelling against a universe that has set your status as insignificant from birth makes you shudder. The fear of dying and having led an insignificant life, that is the greatest fear. The only way to conquer it is to defy the universe. Move beyond the tutorial into the unknown of the game.

If your arms aren't reaching high, I am afraid you are resigning yourself to the course of the more powerful. Nature is most powerful. So your reach must exceed your grasp. That is why there is a sky above you.

How do you choose to play?

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