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Automatic Waste Management Using AI


The EcoBin a new design of a community waste bin to streamline waste management.

A large quantity of recyclable material ends up in the landfill each year instead of at the recycling plant. Part of the reason behind this is that many people do not sort the waste they throw out properly or at all. For the first hackathon I ever went to in high school, my friends and I came up with a design for a waste management system that tackles this problem by automatically identifying and intelligently sorting waste using AI and hardware.


Aditya, Aurik, Keshav and myself were the runner up at WolfHacks 2019 where we came up with this design.

My friends and I were the runner up in this hackathon for building a waste management solution. Inspired by how centrifuges use centrifugal force to separate components in a fluid, I thought of a rotary sorter that would do the same for waste. Having limited experience with 3D modelling in high school, Eric Xue, another friend helped model the design we had in mind on Blender. Through a combination of sensors and computer vision, waste could be correctly classified and placed into an appropriate bin for collection. 

Detailed diagram of EcoBin.png

Detailed schematic of the EcoBin's design.

To learn more about this work check out this presentation we gave as well as this link to the project submission page.

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