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AI Art


Can artificial intelligence produce art? Can we call images that the AI produces "art"? What is art? I'll leave these question for the philosophy students who are looking for topics to write about for their next essay.  Here I'll be going over 3 projects I've done where I've used AI to produce art and explain some insights about how this is done.

Style Transfer

The first approach is called Style Transfer and it uses CNNs as a feature extractor and a specialized loss function that preserves the content of one image and the style of another image to construct a new image with a borrowed style.


Style transfer visualized.


Below you can find my implementation of style transfer.

Replacing The Sky Using Programming

There was a paper known as Castle in the Sky: Dynamic Sky Replacement and Harmonization in Videos whose code I played around with. I haven't directly implemented this paper from scratch but I did try to study it. The following video is my explanation of their work and features some interesting demos of how parts of a scene such as the sky can be completely altered. I decided to interpret the use of this AI network artistically but I am sure there can be other applications as well beyond art. 

My video on replacing the sky using programming.

Using GANs To Make Me Dance

If you haven't noticed already, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with YouTube. At the start of when I was making YouTube videos I tried learning about papers and applying them. This time I explored a paper called First Order Motion Model for Image Animation. The following video of mine leverages a GAN (generative adversarial neural network) to take the pose of a dancer and regenerate an image of a person while making them dance using the dancer's movement. I provide some intuition of how GANs work as well as what the key components of this paper's solution are along with a demo of the work. I present to you, this incredible work of art:

Challenging MrBeast to a dance battle using AI.

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